Rekey Locks Service

If you are ever in need of a reliable locksmith to rekey locks in Hamilton, call our company. We are the local team you can trust to do the job right. Our techs also offer emergency service in the event the key is lost. All trucks contain the tools our pros need in order to take care of rekeyed locks and ensure your security. We have been providing rekeying services for years. On top of that, we install master locks for your convenience. Get in touch with Locksmith Rekey Locks HamiltonHamilton for more info.

We rekey locks to save you from trouble

The lock rekey service involves changing the pinning of the cylinder. This is imperative when keys are either stolen or lost. When it comes to that, there is always the danger of a potential break-in. By responding urgently to handle such problems, our company can prevent intrusions.

How rekeyed locks work

Rekeyed locks have a cylinder with springs, pins, and other tiny parts. When the key is inserted in the lock, the pins move in a certain direction to allow door opening or locking. So the configuration of the pins is important. Should it’s vital to operate the lock with a different key for security reasons, we change these pins. But the new pin configuration would require cutting a brand new key too. So, key change is also part of the rekeying process.

Contact our locksmith for emergency lock rekey

In order to spare you any hassle or potential threat, we rekey locks in the Hamilton area in Ontario as soon as possible. You can count on us to provide emergency service. Our tech will come to your place fully equipped and will use the right tools to change the pins and the right key replacement to make a new key.

Our experts install master key systems

Want to convert some locks to work with one key? You can trust us to install a master key system. We can also fix up the existing locks to operate with one master key but also with several change keys. With master systems, locks operate with the same key but also their own unique key too.

If you lose the key or move to a new property in Hamilton, rekey locks with our help. Call us to assist you with such projects for enhanced security.